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  1. UX and the TIGR Patrol Debrief Program

    How did you get your start in User Experience?

  2. Building the ResearchOps Toolbox

    Working on a community-based project with lessons learned

  3. Culture Secrets

    Because culture and community doesn't happen by accident

  4. Laptop Stickers

    If you gotta sticker…

  5. Remember New Jack City

    What it is like being shaped by extremes

  6. Grid Experiments

    Experimenting with CSS Grid is the best way to get over the learning curve

  7. Podcasts

    Did you just say podcast? You’ve got my attention

  8. Workshop Facilitation

    LEGOs® can put corporate colleagues on the therapy couch

  9. Instagramallation

    A web experiment used for environmental design

  10. Insta Strategy

    6 types of instagram posts for artists and creative professionals to promote their work

  11. Moments

    Short text and images as meditations in the spirit of fugitive ground

  12. Data 2 Go

    A summary of a Hyperact lunch talk about the creation of a web-based app called data2gonyc – described as a herculean accomplishment by those in attendance

  13. Memory of the SSMAC of New York City

    The club’s mission states: Serving the men and women of our Armed Forces since 1919 – the club served me in my transition out of the military

  14. LP Backpack

    A robust student project, LP Backpack was created for a continuing education course at the School of the Visual Arts Interaction design program

  15. Observing the Cenntenial

    One hundred years later media, maps, websites and organizations to guide your commemoration of the war to end all wars

  16. Veterans Day is not Memorial Day

    Proposed dialog on this often misunderstood holiday

  17. Fugitive Ground

    A personal or shared experience as simple as the practice of awareness, a conversation between friends, a collective effort to shift perception, or a place and time to make art

  18. Surrealist Drawing Techniques

    A collection of drawing methods to exercise the mind and the role of the subconcious in art and design

  19. Caught Mapping

    A continuing collaboration between artists exploring cartography and invented landscapes

  20. Cosmos

    Editorial and graphic design inspired by a favorite television show

  21. Hope Act Love

    A group gallery show to benefit natural disaster victims

  22. Fan Art

    Fan art and miscellaneous illustration

  23. Fontana

    An artist’s installations making use of sound as a sculptural medium to transform the audience’s perceptions of visual and architectural settings

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