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Because culture and community doesn't happen by accident

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A year ago, I wrote a LinkedIn post that ended up being pretty popular. I know focusing on social media performance isn't super helpful but seeing this topic do numbers does support my belief in the topic. Mostly working on this post really helped solidify my thoughts on the subjects of culture and community. Plus, I got some great additional book recommendations in the comments.

So, I wanted to share the original post with you and expand on some of the takeaways. Plus, I'll throw in a few new book recommendations for 2023.

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The most popular linkedin post I ever made

Some of the original take aways #

Rewinding to last year… I had just taken a new role on the DesignOps team. Unexpectedly my focus would be on community and culture for a 300+ person team. The first thing I needed to do was hit the books. Some of the titles that I chose to read follow.

One of the challenges with working on community and culture is that it feels like it touches on everything. To prevent spreading ourselves too thin, it's important to listen to our employees. This way, we'll be able to find out their biggest pain points, beliefs, goals, and even some latent needs. Plus, they'll feel heard and that makes a big difference

Another one of my big take aways from this reading is about being a gracious host. This means esigning a really special experience for moments that matter, like an employee's first-day, The new day-one experience, from the Creative Culture book is an investment in the people you will work with for years to come.

One last thing I want to share is the concept of the "non-chill host" from The Art of Gathering. The best run gatherings, wether they are social, team-building, or training benefits from the host practicing generous authority. This means that the host sets the rules and sticks to the agenda, but always in the service of others. For quick read from Priya Parker also try a recent newsletter called The new art of hybrid gathering.

Culture books to try next #

Now, let's talk about some more books to help you design a sense of belonging within your community. These are a few titles that I have on my reading list now:

That's it! Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have any book recommendations of your own!


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