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LP Backpack

A robust student project, LP Backpack was created for a continuing education course at the School of the Visual Arts Interaction design program

A series of design artifacts proposes a digital product for the fictional client Lonely Planet. Specifically this project included: 15+ user interviews, 3 generated personas, ecosystem and competitive analysis, card sorting exercises, MVP analysis, site map, features & functionality matrix, user flows and detailed annotated wireframes. The five week process concluded with a client presentation where this proposal was chosen as one of the top three out of twelve presentations.

The sequence of activities and design artifacts that are presented here have become standard practice for approaching all types of clients. This sequence of deliverables creates the conditions for success by facilitating early buy-in from stakeholders, visible thinking, and the kind of research-based design process that ensures a user-centered product.

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Original sketchs for the design of the product
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Pitch deck including proposal, product description and two generated personas
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UX deliverables including one more parsona a card sorting exercise, an MVP analysis and part of the site map
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UX deliverables including features and functionality matrix, user flows and a save feature wireframe
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Detailed annotated wireframes including welcome tutorial, on-load menu and app use

The examples above represent powerful tools for the creation of mobile applications and websites. They become even more powerful when combined with principles of rapid prototyping, experimentation and design thinking.