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Short text and images as meditations in the spirit of fugitive ground

A man sitting on a subway platform playing an upright piano

A man laboriously moves his piano down three levels onto the subway platform. Classic vocals and strided chords — he played so well I swore he was blind. Oblivious to the heat on that August stage, he was most in touch with his audience — whom he elevated with his music.

#subway #music

Rolling mountains that fade into the distance in a hazy shot that looks like there is smoke from a fire

A man positions his mouse on the edge of his browser window. He clicks, holds and drags the viewport first left then right. The content of a video game promo micro site responds and adapts to the available space. To the man, this is more delightful than the game itself.

#web #development

A mason jar filled with a group of warm colored flowers

The local neighborhood bar has a quiet time between six and nine. It is a place that specializes in coffee, beer and seasonal menus. There is just enough of each for a satisfying snack and effective buzz. After the time when the laptop lids close and before the social gatherings start — there is a sort of twilight*. Often this time is a fugitive ground rife with creative inspiration and meditative work — of the kind that results in personal reward.

* twilight may refer to civil, nautical or astronomical variety depending on your social or terrestrial condition

#meditation #creativity


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