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Archive tagged “featured”

  1. UX and the TIGR Patrol Debrief Program

    How did you get your start in User Experience?

  2. Building the ResearchOps Toolbox

    Working on a community-based project with lessons learned

  3. Culture Secrets

    Because culture and community doesn't happen by accident

  4. Laptop Stickers

    If you gotta sticker…

  5. Remember New Jack City

    What it is like being shaped by extremes

  6. Podcasts

    Did you just say podcast? You’ve got my attention

  7. Workshop Facilitation

    LEGOs® can put corporate colleagues on the therapy couch

  8. Fugitive Ground

    A personal or shared experience as simple as the practice of awareness, a conversation between friends, a collective effort to shift perception, or a place and time to make art

  9. Caught Mapping

    A continuing collaboration between artists exploring cartography and invented landscapes

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