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I’m a User Experience professional with over a decade of know-how. In my current Design Operations role I focus on creative culture, community, plus learning & development

This site is for writing blog posts about my interests and for summarizing concepts that I don't want to explain over and over again at dinner parties. You can find out more about me on the About page. I prefer to be contacted on the following social platforms.

Latest 6 Posts

  1. A digtial satilite map that shows a complex interface including markers a route and an informatinal overlay
    UX and the TIGR Patrol Debrief Program

    How did you get your start in User Experience?

  2. alternative text
    Building the ResearchOps Toolbox

    Working on a community-based project with lessons learned

  3. A group of nine book covers with one spot remaining vacant
    Culture Secrets

    Because culture and community doesn't happen by accident

  4. the top cover of a laptop covered with various stickers
    Laptop Stickers

    If you gotta sticker…

  5. A photo of large rocks in the desert
    Remember New Jack City

    What it is like being shaped by extremes

  6. a grid of atleast twenty-four podcast cover artworks

    Did you just say podcast? You’ve got my attention

  7. A pile of LEGO bricks
    Workshop Facilitation

    LEGOs® can put corporate colleagues on the therapy couch

  8. A sun and ground symbol bordered by a negative and positive number one
    Fugitive Ground

    A personal or shared experience as simple as the practice of awareness, a conversation between friends, a collective effort to shift perception, or a place and time to make art

More posts can be found in the archive.