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Laptop Stickers

If you gotta sticker…

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This is the current surface of a laptop I bought in 2018

In no particular order here are some descriptions of the stickers on my laptop. I enjoy the aesthetics of the stickers – but what I enjoy mostly is the reminder of what they represent. Here is some of that background listed from left to right and top-to-bottom. Show us your stickers too and as the great designer Aaron Draplin would say “Don’t be precious about your stickers, if you have a sticker, stick it!”

A number map of the first image in a sequence that goes from left to right and top to bottom

Heatonist #

The silver and black Heatonist sticker on the top left of the image is a reminder of a birthday party I had in 2019. The party was a significant milestone and we had a big backyard patio gathering. One of my really good friends brought a collection of hot sauces and we played a hot wing eating game inspired by one of our favorite youTube shows called Hot Ones. On the show celebrity guests eat hot wings and answer even hotter questions. At the party we skipped the questions part and just set up a table with three sauces. It was priceless watching friends and family members eat delicious wings dipped in three different strenghts of sauces ranging from a number 4 all the way up to an 11 called The Last Dab Apollo. I would not suggest ingesting any of thier sauces that score 9 or higher and that Apollo sauce did not make it into the fridge. If I was going to recommend a sauce from a Hot Ones line up I would suggest the Queen Majesty Jalapeno Tequila Lime.

Party Corgi #

One of my most guilty pandemic guilty pleasures, second only to fancy coffee, is binging live-coding Twitch streams. This little sticker is a rainbow-colored corgi from a channel I watch the most called Learn with Jason. On stream Jason typically invites on a special guest to teach him something new in 90 minutes. Frequently a stampede of corgis run across the screen when enough members of chat on the livestream add custom emojii. If some of the episodes of LWJ seem too technical for you (most are for me) then I might recommend a designery episode called Introduction to Figma for Developers.

N.60° #

In 2019 I went on a hike with a really good friend in the Yukon territory of Canada. In a national park called Kluane you can visit supreme wilderness and at a summit of a two-thousand meter peek see a highway of glaciers. Thankfully we did not see any bears. We did connect with nature and drink a game of thrones branded whiskey while going for a dip in freezing cold glacier water. Another great recommendation I have is a visit to the Mile 1016 Pub. It feels like you are having some terrific bar food at the end of the earth. When I needed to bring some gifts back to my family we found some local markets in Whitehorse where I got my daughter a stuff moose, my wife some jewelry, and myself this sticker.

Threes Brewing #

There has been a resurgence of craft breweries in Brooklyn, and across the country, over the past several years. One of my favorites is Threes Brewing because of the delicious beer and their very fun artwork. The fine illustration work on their tall-boy cans remind me of Saul Bass and the catch phrases are very unique. Their most famous and perhaps my favorite all around is Logical Conclusion. I put that sticker on my skateboard.

Baby Yoda #

I am sorry but not sorry about snagging all of the best Grogu stickers from a large pack that my boss brought to the office for us.

LUMA Institute Training #

I recently completed an offering from the LUMA Institute about Human-centered design and facilitating design thinking. It went so well that I am planning on signing up for the second course in thier offerings.

La Bicicleta #

There is a coffee shop in Madrid called La Bicicleta that hits all the right notes including hipster coffee, comfortable co-working space, light food, and beer. Every time we visit I pick up stickers that say ”Life is too short to drink shit coffee“ and ”Life is too short to ride shit bikes.“

ReOps #

For a couple of years now I've been a member of the Research Operations Community. Its basically an online community where I keep up with all things operations and meet great people. In 2022 I actually presented at one of their conferences – and thats how I got this sticker.


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