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Insta Strategy

6 types of instagram posts for artists and creative professionals to promote their work

Instagram a a social media platform has emerged a the most authentic way to represent yourself online. It's simplicity and format provide a built-in bullshit filter. As a bonus, the interface makes the process of discovery, curation and promotion intuitive and user-friendly.

If we could only choose one social media platform it should be Instagram. Realizing this, an artist or creative professional should take some steps to optimize their Instagram strategy and become their own strategist.

The strategist should first identify and evaluate their audience. Most Instagram posts should provide some means of conversion (getting someone to respond to your call-to-action) for that audience and ultimately meet the goals of the Strategist. Certain images and captions can be deliberately crafted to meet an experience like the numbered items below:

  1. In-process - Compositions or generative elements as they are being worked on. Often these shots make use of a narrow field of view and tight perspective. Use hashtags #WIP #workinprogress
  2. Behind The Scenes - Reproductions of process and intimate views into the work. Different than the In-process, this experience can rely more on environmental conditions and ephemeral moments. Use shots of design software project dashboard, a camera on a tripod, coffee with a sketchbook, studio interior or knolled art supplies. Use hashtags #getoutside #humblebrag #coffeebreak #mug
  3. Inspirational Photography - Aspirational travel shots to be paired with geo-located post setting. These shots could also include closeups and tactile qualities to the subject matter. Use hashgags #lifegoals #travel #[nameofplace]
  4. Video - 15-60 second length cropped and edited to 640x640 square pixels. This type of post may be a preview of a larger work or even a timelapsed activity
  5. Intimate Sharing - The artist or designer may choose to reveal some elements of their personal life to relate to their audience on a human level. This type of post can build rapport and loyalty. Use hashtag #goodtimes
  6. Wildcard - Certain thematic elements to a photo will instantly make a post more popular. These may include animals, food, water, sunsets. Use hashtags #cuteanimals

The most important step in this process may be to absorb all of this strategy and then ignore it. The most essential part of a good Instagram post is its qualities of experimentation, nostalgia, rawness and playfulness.


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