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What is the IndiWeb

also, what's in it for me?

I'm going through my personal blog and trying to get a gold star from the

So, whats in it for me? Honestly not a lot in the short-term. This stuff is all a little technical and would never be noticed by an average user of the web. In the near future I am not going to be getting much past level 2 in the list below. So this post is just a way to say that I've implemented some of these guidelines. Hopefully in the future I will do more of them.

There are 3 levels of indiWeb citizenship:

  1. Having your own domain name
  2. Publishing to the IndiWeb by marking up your content with microformats and adding the ability to send webmentions to other IndieWeb site.
  3. Adding reply contexts to your site and receiving webmentions on your site. This is basically like having an open-source comments at the bottom of your blog posts.

Here is a link to all the things I implemented today: Link to code commit


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