editorial design, graphic design

Cosmos is a student project from 2011. It is a 4-page editorial spread that appropriated the transcription of my favorite episode of Cosmos. The “Backbone of Night” is about the mystery and the compelling nature of the universe.

The theme of space was first created by a typography exercise called illustrated word. I also like to think of it as words at play. Matteo Bologna would call it type masturbation.

A valuable piece of inspiration for this piece was the image library at the mid-manhattan branch of the New York Public Library. There they have a catalogue of thousands of images. The most interesting images were etchings and lithographs. These images are incorporated throughout the 4-page editorial spread.


Study for a wordmark. One of about 10 studies and different subjects--this one resonated the most during a critique. This graphic informed direction of the editorial work.

cosmos cosmos cosmos

Finshed wordmark, line drawings of the Voyager spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope

cosmos cosmos cosmos cosmos